Philip Reinisch returns to Tupelo Furniture Market

Company to show case 45 SKUs including new and inline pieces

Thomas Russell////August 9, 2018

philip reinisch, folio entertainmentNEWBURGH, Ind. – Display cabinet and home entertainment specialist Philip Reinisch Company is returning to the Aug. 16-19 Tupelo Furniture Market after a 12-year absence.

The company is showing in an 1,800-square-foot space in TB 6, space 6214. Its space will feature about 45 SKUs including items from the April High Point Market and inline bestsellers including display cabinets, accent cabinets and home entertainment units.

The company pulled out of Tupelo about 12 years ago and decided to show at the Las Vegas Market, which it occupied for about two and a half years. It also has exhibited at the High Point Market over the years, but since pulling out of Las Vegas it has focused exclusively on the High Point Market.

“You bring out product four times a year, and retailers often aren’t getting the product into their stores until after market or sometimes two markets after that,” said David Urbanick, vice president of merchandising and marketing. “For us, it was about consolidating expenses and putting it back into the product and giving support for our dealers. Markets don’t always do that. They are a great expense.”

He said the company decided to return to Tupelo after deciding it could service buyers there with in-stock goods they can get within weeks after market out of its Saint Anthony, Ind., warehouse.

“There seems to be a resurgence with Tupelo,” he said, noting that buyers there often always looking for first-time-seen product. “It is a good writing market, and we are always in stock in our warehouse for immediate shipment. Dealers who come to Tupelo are interested in purchasing it right there, and we can ship it within two weeks to 30 days and get it on their floors.”

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