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Andrew Koenig taking on City Furniture CEO post

Thomas Lester//Retail Editor//December 30, 2021

TAMARAC, Fla. — Andrew Koenig, president of City Furniture, will take on the role of CEO in 2022, he told Furniture Today. Keith Koenig, co-founder and current CEO will assume the chairmanship of the Top 100 retailer. The younger Koenig was named president in 2019 and has served with the company in roles of increasing responsibility since joining City Furniture in 2006 in operations.

“I’m extremely proud and humbled to announce that I will be stepping up as CEO of CITY Furniture in 2022,” Andrew Koenig said. “I had always dreamed of one day having the opportunity to lead this amazing organization the same way my uncle and father, Kevin and Keith, did over the years.”

Andrew Koenig told Furniture Today that the plan for him to assume the role has been in the works for some time, and since that course that was first charted, he’s been working diligently to make the transition a smooth one.

“I’d say when I got promoted to the president role, the last three years it became more serious. I’ve been trying to take more off my father’s plate so he can enjoy his life,” he said.

As president, Andrew Koenig has had the company’s other leaders report to him, so he doesn’t expect the change at the top to feel different for City on a day-to-day basis. If anything, he said, it creates more of an opportunity for him to interact with Keith.

“As president, I had the entire company reporting to me for the last three years,” he said. “I think this solidifies the relationship Keith and I have to have, trying to lead the business to achieve the long term vision we have.”

And as he takes this new challenge on, Andrew said the end of the year made a logical starting point for the next chapter for the Top 100 retailer.

“I liked how we did it. It makes sense and feels right for Keith and myself and the organization,” he said. “It’s been a nice, gradual shift from COO to president to CEO. We’re both falling into the roles that feel right to us and our families and the leadership team as well.”



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