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Great Tips for Selling More to Furniture Retailers

September 30, 2022

Furniture Today’s audience is made up of 100% of the top 100 retailers, and 70% of the entire industry. Also, 50% of our readers are VP+. Finally, we reach 68,000 interior designers. Not only do we have a large audience of decision-makers, but we also know who our audience is (e.g., name and contact info), what they do (e.g., firmographic data), and what they care about (e.g., types of content they engage with, events attended, and more). This makes it possible for us to help advertisers reach furniture retail decision makers. We deliver hundreds of marketing programs every year and have deep insight into what works – and what doesn’t. Lots of manufacturers ask us about the best ways to reach, persuade, and sell to more retailer customers, so to help more of our manufacturer subscribers get better results from their marketing, we’ve published a new guide full of great ideas and tips.

Our new guide is called Get Your Marketing Right: New Strategies to Connect with Furniture Retailers. It focuses on the essentials for connecting with retailer decision-makers across print media, email, websites, social platforms, search engines, virtual experiences, and live events. This simple guide provides many ideas and tips on how to make every aspect of reaching and persuading your audience work harder. Effective marketing today puts the audience at the center of everything you do.

As marketers, we must find ways of reaching customers whenever and wherever they are most receptive to our stories. From there, we must identify the right mix of messages, tools, and timing to achieve the best results. And we can’t forget to put the right measurement tools in place to assess our progress. In addition to advice on these important topics, we’ve included case studies to demonstrate how effective programs can be when you get everything right.

Have you got 2022 marketing initiatives you want to make more effective? Get your free copy of Get Your Marketing Right immediately by filling out the form. If you’d like, we can also connect you with an expert on the FurnitureToday team to provide specific ideas and advice to help you achieve your goals.




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